Information about Lists and Generators

Name Description URL
UK Config This zip contains a set of lists for UK addresses. The download includes UK Post Code, UK Counties UK Cities and UK Towns, Original post
CA Config This download is a set of lists for Canada based on a users request. Contains Post codes and Provinces.
User Agent Regular expression configuration for common (and not so common) user agents strings. User agent strings are what browsers identify themselves as to websites and are used in tracking systems.

Name Description URL
Waffle Generator Fills you column with large amounts of text, with or without valid HTML tags. Original article
IPv4 Generator Generate valid IPv4 addresses. You can specify if the addresses should be Class A, B or C and if they should be local or remote.
Password Generator Generate a password encrypted with optional Salt using MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384 or SHA512. Password can be a random string or data in another column in the row (so you can use it).
Code Generator Code Generator is a really great generator. No messing around, just write C# directly in the application, click compile and use it to generate data!

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